Renter Rules

Rules and Regulations (Printable)


The following rules and regulations are a part of the rental agreement:




  • A. Tenant shall not allow any sign, advertisement, or notice to be place either inside or outside the building without receiving the Landlord’s consent. There are to be no rummage and/or furniture sales without written permission from Landlord.
    B. Tenant shall not make or allow any improper or disturbing noises or odors in the building at any time, or to sing or play any musical instruments, television, radio or stereo in a way or at times that may be objectionable to other tenants.
    C. Tenant shall not allow any article to be places upon window ledges or dropped from window.
    D. Tenant shall not throw or sweep dirt or beat or shake rugs upon or from porches or into the halls of the building or from any window, door, or other opening in the building. Rugs or welcome mats must meet approval of Landlord.
    E. Tenant shall not mark or deface and part of the building.
    F. Tenant shall not varnish, paint, wallpaper, or decorate any walls, floor, or woodwork without the approval of the Landlord.
    G. Tenant shall not allow children to loiter or play in the halls, stairways, basement, garages, or any other part of the building common areas.
    H. Tenant shall not allow garbage, newspapers, or refuse to litter the halls or outside of the building. Garbage must be placed in tied plastic bags and deposited in the receptacle provided by the Landlord for that purpose.
    I. Tenant shall not place newspapers, magazines, or other recyclable items in receptacle if local ordinance does not permit.
    J. Tenant shall not allow any live trees in apartments unless written permission is received by Landlord.
    K. Tenant shall not open windows and storm windows in winter in such a fashion as to allow heat to escape continuously for over 15 minutes or in the summer to allow rain to enter.

2.The streets, sidewalks, entrances, halls, stairways, porches, and fire escapes shall not be blocked or used by the Tenant for any purpose other than going into or out of the building. The lights in these common areas shall be repaired or replaced only by the Landlord. These common areas shall not be used for storage of any personal items of the Tenant, including bicycles. This also applies to common areas in garages and basements if applicable.


3. Tenants must supply and replace all the light bulbs in the apartment itself, and under no condition shall light bulbs outside of the apartment be removed by the Tenant. Tenant shall only use proper sized wattage bulbs in fixtures.


4. Tenant shall not permit the premises to be used for any unlawful purpose or any purposes that will, in the judgment and discretion of the Landlord, injure the reputation of the premises or the building of which the premises are a part.


5. Tenant shall not do anything in the building or keep anything in the building which will in any way increase the risk of fire, or which violates the fire laws or regulations of the Fire Department or any insurance policy covering the building.


6. Landlord shall not be responsible for any property of the Tenant or any items left with or delivered to the building Manager.


7. Tenant shall not interfere with any part of the heating, lighting, refrigeration, plumbing or cooling systems, or controls in the building.


8. For safety reasons, no outside radio or television antenna or air-conditioner shall be installed by the Tenant without receiving the written consent of the Landlord. Landlord may remove such property and charge the cost to the Tenant.


9. Tenant shall cooperate with the building Manager to keep the lawn clean and in good condition.


10. Landlord shall not be responsible to the Tenant because other Tenants do not follow these rules and regulations.


11. Telephones: The apartments have been prewired with telephone outlet boxes in the most convenient locations. Tenant may use any combination of these outlets for there telephones. Tenant should not have wall phones installed. In the event Tenant does so, and the phone is later removed by the next Tenant, the cost of repair and painting shall be charged to the Tenant responsible for installation. With the written permission of the Landlord, Tenant may have additional outlets installed by a qualified person at Tenant’s expense.


12. If a check tendered to the Landlord by Tenant for payment of any of Tenant’s obligations is returned by Tenant’s bank for any reason whatsoever, Tenant will pay a $ fee for administrative costs to handle the unpaid item. Landlord may request Tenant to pay in form of cash, cashier’s check or money order.


13. No water beds, of any form, are permitted inside the premises unless Landlord gives written permission. In no case, shall the Tenant have a waterbed without waterbed insurance.


14. Immediately upon vacating the leased premises, Tenant must return to the Landlord, all door keys, mailbox keys, and garage door openers provided to Tenant at the time he/she took occupancy of said premises.


15. Tenant must notify Landlord before Tenant leaves premises unoccupied for a period of seven (7) days or longer.


16. Never hesitate to report to the Landlord if something is not working properly.


17. State law requires Landlord to provide a working smoke detector on each floor of unit, except attic and storage areas. Tenant acknowledges that all smoke detectors in the unit are working properly. State law also requires the Tenant to maintain all smoke detector in the unit. Tenant agrees to immediately provide and maintenance necessary to make the smoke detector functional or provide Landlord written notification of the required maintenance.


18. Tenants are responsible for guests, relatives or children at all times. Tenants will be held liable for all damages caused by guest, relatives or children. Further, if the guest(s), relatives(s), or child(ren) of the Tenant(s) disturb other Tenants, breach the peace, damage property of the Owner or other Tenants, or otherwise violate the Lease or these Rules and Regulations, the acts by the guest(s), relatives(s) or child(ren) of the Tenant(s) will be grounds to evict the Tenant.


19. Tenants shall use white or off-white curtain or drapery material for covering window area. Other colored curtains or draperies may be used if lined with white or off-white material.


20. If there is a pool on the premises, it is used at Tenant’s risk. The Tenant is responsible for his/her guests.


21. The Manage shall have the right to make other reasonable rules and regulations as may, in its judgment, be necessary for the safety, care and cleanliness of the building(s).


22. Tenant cannot change locks. Landlord must have a key for each lock in apartment.


23. It is the responsibility of all new Tenants to have the necessary utilities placed in their name on date of occupancy.


24. Tenants are not allowed to instruct any contractors hired by Manager to provide other services not authorized.


25. The Tenant shall be responsible of the cost of all plumbing repairs resulting from improper use of plumbing facilities by the Tenant. DO NOT dispose cloth, metal, wood, plastic or such articles in either the toilet or sinks. If apartment is equipped with a garbage disposal, it will remove food waste, except large bones and corn cobs. Be sure to have cold water running at all time when garbage is going through the disposal, and leave water running 1 minute after turning disposal off. Please do not use garbage disposal after 9:00PM.


26. Tenant shall immediately report any leaking pipes, faucets, or continual running of toilet tank.


27. Tenant shall not let water run except in actual use.


28. Tenant will do laundry work in only the rooms provided for that purpose. Tenants will operate washers and dryers only between the hours of 7:00AM and 9:00PM unless otherwise posted in the laundry room.


29. In properties where Tenants are permitted to hook up there own washer and dryer, Tenant can connect at no charge if hook-ups are available for Tenant’s apartment, otherwise there is a one-time $75.00 installation fee to provide electric, gas, or water service, or at cost if less than amount stated.


30. Tenant shall use only the parking space which is assigned by the Landlord. No guests or visitors shall be allowed to park in the area provided for other Tenants. Then Tenant must register the license number of the automobile to be parked in the parking space assigned to the Tenant with the Landlord, and only the registered vehicle is permitted to be parked in the assigned space.


31. Tenant shall not park commercial or recreational, or any other vehicle powered by gasoline, storage battery, or any other liquid fuel in or about leased premises without permission from the landlord.


32. At no time is Tenant allowed to change oil, maintain or repair Tenant’s vehicle on premises.


33. If there are indoor or outdoor parking areas, the Tenant is responsible for keeping the area neat and clean. No vehicles without current license plates, with flat tired, or dead storage will be allowed on the premises. Vehicles will be tows away at the Tenant’s expense if not cured within 48 hours of written notice by Landlord.


34. Tenant is not allowed to drive any vehicle on the grass/sidewalk area for loading or unloading purposes at any time.


35. No Tenant shall be allowed to turn on water spigot on outside or inside of buildings for any purposes unless written permission given by Landlord.


36. Washing of any vehicle is allowed with written permission of landlord.


37. The Landlord shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the property of the Tenant stored in rented premises, garages, parking areas, lockers, store rooms, out lots or common areas, or any storage space. Tenant uses this space at his own risk.


38. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to provide insurance coverage for his personal property kept in his/her apartment, storage area, common area or any area on Landlord’s property.


39. Tenant shall not be permitted to keep cats, dogs or other pets in the apartment without receiving the written approval of the Landlord.